This is a promo video I made for NFT marketplace Socialogue. I'm also a teammember and started there as an NFT artist myself. The site is still in beta but you can visit it here. I also made the music for this video.
This is an animated GIF I made for Authic also. It will be used as an POAP badge NFT artists on the website can earn. POAP stands for Proof Of Attendance Protocol.
I made this 3D image for Dutch NFT marketplace Authic. They asked me to place their logo into 3D using their company color.
I made the music video for the song 'Play the game' by Suezan and for that song this very cool vintage organ plugin 'Elka panther' was used. The company responsible for this plugin (Martinic) asked me to make a promo using the same song.
This is a teaser I made for a scary theatre version of the famous 'Alice in wonderland'. I also did the sound and music for this animation.
A theatre/music school asked me to make a Christmas greeting card for their students and co-workers. Can you guess the song?
This was a crazy journey, only having 6 days to make all the animations including the audio for this documentary (in dutch) about children's rights
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