I was one of the 8 artists selected to work on my own project as a mentee in this program organised by Artivive. My mentor Alireza Mokarram helped me tremendously to level up my 3D skills. In 6 months time I worked on this artwork that would tell my struggle as an artist, in the past being a drummer not feeling comfortable with the choices I've made and the present; wanting to learn too much, too fast, not yet able to make what I have in mind, but feeling I'm on the right track this time. So many choices and yet I was doing what felt save and mostly led by others. This program helped me to break out of this habit and give myself time to work more efficient and learned to listen better to what I really want, definitly not save. But that is good. Never before I feel I've made something that is 100% me. In my animation, my style and my music!
This is the beginning of a new chapter in my creative journey!
At April 14th 2023 all mentees will be showcasing our works for this program at the Artivive gallery in Vienna
If you like to buy my work you can take a look at my profile!
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