At April 2nd 2023, the Monteverdi Kamerkoor Utrecht played 2 shows at the Metaal Kathedraal in Utrecht, the Netherlands.
The show was split into 2 parts. The first was held on the ground floor in the main hall. I've made illustrations and animations which where only visible in Augmented Reality. The audience scanned the illustrations with the  app 'Artivive' and could see the animations come to live while the choir was singing.
The second part was held upstairs in the beautiful attic of the building. The audience sat or layed down on pillows on the ground looking up and the choir moved around them.
I've made video projections to the ceiling and walls for this part of the show. In some cases I captured the sound of the voices and that triggered parts of the animation. 
You can try the AR animations yourself using the Artivive app:
I've recorded little impressions with my phone. Not the best quality, but you get the idea ;-)
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