Mezz is a music venue located in Breda, the Netherlands.
Upon entering MEZZ, PROJEKTOR takes you on a wondrous journey. The arched corridor leading to the Jupiler Hall provides the perfect canvas for the art project PROJEKTOR. Through the use of four projectors and mapping across the entire canvas; from top to bottom and from front to all the way back in the foyer, PROJEKTOR creates a unique experience.
Every month, MEZZ presents a well-known artist who showcases their work for a month. This month, it's Life On Marzj her turn with 'Augmented Explorations'.

Under the name 'Augmented Explorations,' she has created a total of four secret QR codes hidden in the corners of the MEZZ hall. These codes are the key to a colorful and playful world of AR animations that you can discover and manipulate.
In a time when the audience is no longer mere spectators but active participants, Marzj invites you to engage with her latest creation. Throughout the entire month of October 2023, the projections on the walls of MEZZ will be displayed in black and white. However, once you scan the QR codes, a world full of color and playfulness unfolds.

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