Rieks Veenker writes (mostly children's) books, poems and music. I once showed him Augmented Reality and then he wanted me to add AR to some of his books! I love working together with him and his amazing illustrators!
To see the AR on these books use the app Artivive.
There will be more collaborations with Rieks in the future so stay tuned!

By clicking on the cover of one of the books you go directly to his homepage. All books are only available in Dutch. 
Eén is maar alleen
For this book Rieks wrote 20 songs. I've connected these songs to the illustrations with the use of Artivive Bridge. By using the app you can listen to each song by hovering over the illustrations.
The illustrations are made by Studio Monnikenwerk.
De Koele Pannenkoe
For this book I've made soundscapes to each illustration and I also gave the illustrations 3D depth. The illustrations are made by Justin André.
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