There was a festival called Jungle In The Sky in the Netherlands held on September 2, 2023. On trucks several artists traveled through the cities Hoorn and Alkmaar and play on the streets. A couple of local artists where asked to make an artwork inspired by the locals (they have held a discussion group in the local library), their differences, history and above all about conclusion and fitting in, no matter who you are and what your background is.

In Hoorn artist Luw Art Tara made an artwork that was exhibited at the West-Fries museum (August 27 - September 1). I've made an AR experience for that artwork. 
You can watch it by scanning the QR-code below. It will bring you to Adobe Aero and when downloading is done, point the camera on your phone to the artwork and see it come to live!
I'm working on another AR for artist Maria del Carmen her artwork. This will be exhibited at September 24 at Stedelijk museum, Alkmaar
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